Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Water Marble Attempt

So ive always wanted to try water marble but it seemed like a lot of work (& it is) but im kinda happy with the results. (Again i apologize for the quality of my pics)

Here it is:

                                                                    Right Hand

                                                                       Left Hand

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nail Care

So I originally started this blog to write about my life but that didint go too well. & then it hit me! I decided to turn this blog into a blog where i could share my nail tips and designs coz im constantly doing my nails. I am not a professional (yet!) and not artistic but hope you guys like it.

So im going to start off on how i take care of nails & a picture of my natural nails! (sorry for the quality of my pics) :

IN THIS PICTURE: Buffer block, cuticle pusher, seacret cuticle oil, & sally hansen green tea + bamboo nail strengthener

Step 1: I file, even out, smooth, buff & shine my nails with the buffer block (bought mine at wal mart for $2)

Step 2: I apply cuticle oil to my cuticles and rub it in with a cotton ball (you can find cuticle oil at a Sally Beauty)

Step 3: I push back my cuticles with the wooden cuticle pusher (like $2 at any drugstore)

Step 4: I apply a coat of nail strengthener to my nails but i add minced garlic to the bottle before i use it. (It adds an extra umph to stengthen my nails) (Bought this at wal mart for like $7) & thats it!! :)

Here's the finished result:

Hope this helped!!!