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Twitter: EsmeNailAddict
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 A little more about my life & my nail blog story:

  • Full name: Esmeralda (Im not fond of my name so I just go by Esme) 
  • Born in Mexico: Reside in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Siblings: 2 sisters (2 yrs old & 5 yrs old) 
  • Age: 18 
  • Education: Graduated High School & hopefully starting cosmetology soon 
  • Job: if you consider babysitting a job 
  • Obsessions: Nails, Perfumes, Make-Up, & last but certainly not least, high heels 
  • Nail Story: I got addicted to Chloe's Nails (many of you already know her blog) and she really inspired me to start my own blog but I chickened out! That is until i got my hands on 2 konad plates & learned how to take care of my nails better. So one day out of the blue I decided to do it! Hahaha as you can see by the title of my blog, its not really original but thats because I never really thought I would stick around! But here I am! :) 
  • Focus of my blog: Many of bloggers tend to buy high end brand such as china glaze, OPI, nubar, julep, etc. but since I am low on money, I enjoy finding dupes of more expensive nail polishes and trying new polishes! I also see that many bloggers dont really get involved with their followers & I really want to show my followers that I am dedicated to them & I will answer EVERY single one of your questions