Monday, April 30, 2012

My 1st OPI Nail Polish!!!

Hey everyone! This might sound shocking to some of you that I've never owned an OPI polish, but its never really caught my attention. However, a couple weeks ago my grandma gave me an OPI polish (Malaysian Mist) and a bag full makeup!!

Malaysian Mist is a very sheer light beige with pink/peachy undertones! As much as I love this color, I don't like it on me. This was 4 coats, and was quite streaky!

 I also got 2 OPI polishes from my recent nail swap with Katee Enough rambling, onto the polish! Enjoy! :) (Oh and yes my nail on my middle finger is shorter than the rest)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nail/Beauty Swap with A Girl & Her Polish

Hey everyone!! So a couple days ago, Katee from A Girl & Her Polish did a nail/beauty swap! She gave me some great stuff! I want to share this awesome swap with you guys so lets get started. Enjoy!

*To see what I gave her check out her blog post: A Swap with Nail Addict
*If you are interested in swapping with me check out my blog post: Want to swap products? 

From left to right: Jordana Glitter: Sequins, Essence: Choose Me & Wanna  Be Your Sunshine,  Zoya: Arizona & Myrta, Revlon: Whimsical, NYC: Matte Me Crazy, OPI: Strawberry Margarita & Purple with a Purpose 

I can't wait to swatch some of these nail polishes! & Thank you so much Katee!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Air Mister Review & Announcement!

Hello beautiful ladies! For today, I'll be reviewing an air mister I bought at Target!
However, before I start this review I want to make a little announcement. I will begin to review more beauty products, nail products, and maybe do some makeup looks.
Mostly because I don't have time to do my nails everyday and because my mom isn't very fond of my nail polish obsession. Because of that I want to change the name of my blog. Soooo I thought it would be fun to include you guys and have a Change My Blog Name Contest!! This contest will begin on May 5th and I will have more details later!

*The air mister will be one of the prizes for the contest!

Now onto the review:

-Info: This air mister is perfect for hot summer days at the park or wherever you go. It gives you a perfect spray of water that instantly coolsyou down. The great thing about this is that it doesn't require batteries!

-Price: Wait for it................$2.50!! (@ Target) I have bought 4 more since, I love these! It a great price compared to the ones with batteries and fans that cost $10-$20.

-All you do is fill the bottle with 3/4 water, pump the bottom a few times, and press the button!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Too Young to Have a Nail Polish Addiction!

Hello everyone! Today I have a little video of my little 2 year old sister doing her nails! She came into my room the other day and asked to do her nail by herself! I must say that for a two yr old, she did a pretty good job! :) Enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Franken Blogger Series Part 2: Fan-Dabi-Dozi

Hey everyone! For today, I have the 2nd part of my franken series. This one is inspired by Katee from A Girl and Her Polish. I love her blog and we just did a nail/beauty swap! I actually sent this one to her and asked what color she wanted her franken. She said that she's been liking white, and I liked the idea of a white franken. So I came up with a white polish with silver shimmers, pink glitter,blue micro glitters, and  purple/blue hex glitters! She picked the name: Fan-Dabi-Dozi!  Enjoy!

*There will be one more franken inspired by Jenni by Gold Speck Nails


-Pure Ice: Don't You Wish
-L.A Colors: Purple Glitter
-Icing: Electric Sapphire
-Sally Hansen: Ice Queen
-L.A Colors: Live
-The Color Workshop: French White

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Franken Blogger Series Part 1: Purple Castle

Hello beautiful ladies! A couple weeks ago, I decided to try my first franken and couldn't decide on what color or polishes to use. Then I thought why not choose to do them by someone who inspires me and has helped me a lot here on blogger.
I chose to do a franken inspired by Lydia from Sekhmet's Purple Castle. We both decided Purple Castle would be a great name for the polish!
Its a light purple with pink undertones, large, medium, and small silver/holo hex glitters, purple glitters, blue glitters, silver shimmers, orange and green flakies, and blue and purple hex glitter! Enjoy!

*There will be 2 more frankens inspired by Katee from A Girl and Her Polish and Jenni from Gold Speck Nails

Formula: (I used equal part of all these until the whole bottle was full)

-Sally Hansen: Gunmetal
-Sally Hansen: Ice Queen
-Sinful Colors: Green Ocean
-Icing: Electric Sapphire
-China Glaze: Spontaneous
-Icing: Text Me Later
-Icing: Frost Yourself
-Pure Ice: Don't You Wish
-L.A. Colors: Live
-L.A. Colors: Purple Glitter
-Revlon: Popular/Starry Pink
-The Color Workshop: Fuchsia
-Finger Paints: Flecked
-Essie: Shine of the Times
-China Glaze: Fairy Dust
-Wet n Wild: No name (opalescent polish with glitter)
-The Color Workshop: no name (glitter)
-The Color Workshop: no name (pink glitter)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Swatch: My first Holo!!!

Hey everyone! I am SUPER excited for today's post! I will be swatching a gorgeous linear light blue holo by the brand Layla. I found this polish at ULTA.
They retail for $15 and are available in blue, silver, green, pink, purple, brown, dark blue, and black! As soon as I have more money, I will definitely be picking up more of these babies!!!!
I applied 3 coats, i let all the coats dry completely but still got some bald spots.
The only bad thing about these is that once you apply a top coat, the holo seems to be less vibrant.
Enjoy! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Nail Storage/ Setup

Hey everyone! I though I would share my nail storage/setup! I hope some of this is helpful for organizing your nail supplies and polish! Enjoy!

*Most items in the video will be listed below with price! (all items were purchased at Walmart except the fan/heater)

-Nail Polish Rack: DIY Nail Polish Rack Video Tutorial  (about $15)

-Nail  Corner Desk: $79 : Closer Desk View

-Black & White Floral Boxes: $14 2 pk

-Fan: I honestly don't know where my mom bought it

-Clip On Desk Lamp: $15

-Pink Dry Erase Board: $10 (perfect for writing down mani ideas or a to do list)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

L.A Colors Scented Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago, I was at Deals and I spotted these scented nail polish remover pads! I decided to give them a try and I've bought 2 more since! I purchased two that are melon scented an one that is peach. Enjoy!

Here we go:

-Price: $1 (@ Deals, I could not find them at Dollar General or Dollar Tree). They are also available online here or on amazon here
-The package comes with 32 thin pads
-The scent on these are incredible! They are acetone free and have no harsh scents.
-Works great, one pad removes the polish on all 10 fingers! Even removes GLITTER (check out my demo video below)
-To me, the pads actually moisturize my cuticles. They release a bit of a greasy oil when removing the polish.
-The package says to wash hands after, good tip because of the oil residue left on your nails/cuticles.
-They are great to wrap around an orange stick/dotting tool and remove the polish around the cuticles!
-I definitely recommend these for easy, on the go nail polish remover or if you don't like the harsh scents of regular nail polish removers!
- Scents available: lemon, strawberry, grape, peach, melon, and pear!

Demo Video: (excuse my sister talking)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Challenge - Day 12: Earth Day

Hello everyone! Today is the last day of the Spring Challenge Jenni and I are doing. The theme is Earth Day (April 22nd). My mani is inspired by the following: oil spills in the ocean, global warming, going green, and pollution/smoke. Enjoy!

*Don't forget to see Jenni's Earth Day Mani

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Icing Magnetix Swatch

Hello everyone! I'll be showing you a swatch of a magnetic polish I picked up at Icing. It is the first magnetic polish I've tried and let me tell you the first try did not go over so well. They retail for $9 each, which is pretty good to other prices I've seen. Unfortunately they do not have names, the one I'm swatching is a goldish green with gold glitter. When the magnet is applied the glitter becomes more defined. I love it! Enjoy!

*For better picture & more in depth review check out The PolishAholic's post on these polishes! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Challenge - Day 11: Sky

Hello everyone! For today's theme, I chose to do a sunrise (or a sunset, im not sure what it is haha). I was originally going to do clouds but then I was in the mood for sponging. Enjoy!

*Don't for get to see what Jenni came up with for Day 11

Click to see the clear flakies better 

-Seche Retain
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Mellow Yellow
-Make up Sponge
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Sun Kissed
-Wet n Wild: Tickled Pink
-China Glaze: Spontaneous
-Pure Ice: Strip Tease (sponged alll over the nail)
-Stamp: BM01
-Wet n Wild: Black Creme
-The Color Workshop: Clear Flakies
-Sally Hansen Anti-Chip Top Coat

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Challenge - Day 10: Rain

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing great! Today is the 10th day of me and Jenni's spring challenge. For today, the theme is rain and I'm not sure whether I like my mani or not. Have a great Friday and enjoy! :)

*Don't for get to visit Gold Speck Nails to see what Jenni came up with for today!

-Sinful Colors: Cinderella
-Make up sponge
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White On
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Gunmetal
-Stamp: m13 (konad)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Blue Me Away
-Dotting Tool
-Sally Hansen Nail Makeup: Pure Chrome

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Challenge - Day 9: Kites

Hey everyone! So this post should have gone up on Tuesday along with Jenni's post but my internet connection was down for two days. Sorry :( . Anyways, I tried doing kites on my nails like 10 times and they ended up looking like a hot  mess. Finally I gave up and took the easy way out: stamping.  Enjoy!

*These kites were my inspiration: box kites
*From far away my nails end up looking a bit like cotton candy

-Seche Retain
-The Color Workshop: French White
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Marine Scene
-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Presto Pink
-BM: 11
-Kiss Nail Striper in Black
-Seche Vite

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Challenge - Day 8: Easter

Hey everyone! Today's post ran a bit late ( I slept in & forgot to schedule my post). Anyways today's theme is Easter! I decided to go with some easter egg designs and a little chick on my accent finger! Enjoy!

*Have a great Easter with your family!
*Don't forget to check out Jenni's blog to see what she came up with for Day 8

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hard As Hoof Review

Hello everyone! For today, I'll be reviewing the Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream. I read so many great things about it & decided to give it a shot. I've had for 3 months now and finally decided to do a review on it! Enjoy!

-Price: $7 (@ Walmart)

-Description: This cream is supposed to prevent the following: splits, chipping, thin/fragile nails. You are recommended to apply this 3 times a day & it can be applied over nail polish.

-Smell: Omg, this stuff smells incredible! It has a light almond scent with cherries!

-My thoughts: I feel like this does NOT prevent chipping or splitting. I do apply this 3 times daily and the only thing I've noticed it that my nails are somewhat stronger. I guess this is one of those products that doesn't work on everyone. The only thing I did like about this is that whenever I get out of the shower, my nails feel so weak & after I apply this my nails instantly absorb this and nourishes my cuticles. So point is: I wouldn't recommend this product. I feel like you could get the same results with good cuticle cream/oil.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Challenge - Day 7: Butterflies

Hey everyone!!! I am SUPER excited for today's theme for me and Jenni's Spring Challenge. The theme for today is butterflies! I chose to do monarch butterfly wings! I didn't want to do the traditional orange, and opted for spring gradients! I think out of all the manis I've done, this is by far my favorite! I tend to work better when I'm angry (haha I got into an argument with my mom a couple minutes before I did these). Anyone else work better under stress??

*My inspirations/ guide for this mani is mainly from this picture: Pink Butterfly Nails
*Don't forget to see what Jenni came up with for Day 7

Products Used Video (I was too lazy too type out all 20 polishes used!  & excuse the nosie in the background):

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sinful Colors- Cinderella Swatch

Hey everyone! Ill be swatching Sinful Colors: Cinderella and seriously this color is amazing! They couldn't have picked a better name. I got this polish a couple weeks ago but I've been so busy I haven't been able to do a post on it! Enjoy! & Happy April Fools!

(excuse the red polish on my middle finger)
Cinderella is a beautiful light blue with mini fleck of pink/gold. Seriously I can just picture Cinderella wearing this polish. This polish is fits into my top 5 favorite polishes that I own. The formula is a bit runny and thin. I applied three coats + Seche Vite. When the sun hits it, it stunning! I got mine at Walgreens! :) 

Look at how the sun hits it!

Click Picture to see the flecks/shimmers