Monday, September 19, 2011

Glitter Leopard Print

First off im a sucker for glitter polishes even thought they are a pain in the ass to take off. Anyways i bought this gorgeous gold glitter polish at Icing a couple days ago & i was dying to try it on. I fell head over heels for it. Its a gold glitter with silver & copper glitter also. My pictures dont do it justice but oh well. It looks amazing in the sunlight! 

Step 1: Base Coat (China Glaze in Strong Adhesion Base Coat) 

Step 2: Apply 2 thick coats of gold glitter polish (Icing in Gold Dust) 

                          I really couldnt get a better pic than this but this glitter is beautiful 

Step 3: Stamp on black leopard print using konads image plate m57 (Kiss Nail Art Striper in Black) 

Step 4: Finish with a top coat (China Glaze in Fast Forward Top Coat) 

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