Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to remove glitter polish (2 ways)

Like i said on my last post, im a sucker for glitter nail polish but they are a pain to remove. There are two ways to remove it. I like it to call them the tedious foil method or the little magic bottle!

Foil Method: 
- Stuff Needed: 
 -foil (make sure the foil pieces are long enough to wrap around your finger)
- nail polish remover 
-cotton balls/pads 

Step 1: Take ten cotton balls and soak them in nail polish remover 

Step 2: Place the cotton balls in 10 pieces of foil and wrap them around your fingers 

Step 3: Wait about a minute 

Step4: Apply slight pressure and slip of the foils ,and viola!! Glitter is all gone! 

Magic Bottle Methond:
-Stuff Needed
- Equate/Cutex Instant Nail Polish Remover Bottle ($2 at wal-mart in the nail section)

Basically its a big sponge already soaked with nail polish remover/acetone!

Step 1: Stick your finger in the sponge

Step 2: Twist your fingers around for about 45 seconds and thats it! Glitter completely removed!!

I hoped this helped! :)

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