Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1- Sugar Plum Fairy

Hey guys! So i wanted to do something similar to the challenge i did for Halloween (10 days of Halloween). It was originally supposed to be 13 day of Halloween but i got sick so i changed the title. Anyways i really enjoyed doing that so i thought why not do something similar for Christmas!! I chose 12 day because of the that one song you always hear around the holidays. Some of these are Christmas related & some are just inspired by winter!
* I apologize in advance if i dont get to do 12 post because I am moving & ill be pretty busy
* For day one i was trying to come up with an idea & my little sister is obsessed with the song "Sugar Plum Fairy" from the nutcracker so i was like thats perfect! Enjoy :)

*I chose these polished because the first polish was a gorgeous plum color (as you can see its a purple & pink duochrome) & then glitter because of the fair part!

-CG in Strong Adhesion Base Coat
-Revlon in Plum Flip (2 coats)
-CG in Fairy Dust
-Seche Vite Top Coat

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