Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is Influenster?

*All of the products that got sent to me I will be reviewing them in 5 separate posts!

-What is Influenster? - Influenster is a FREE program (yes free, I promise) where you take small surveys to obtain badges (depending on your lifestyle) to qualify to receive a VoxBox.
-What kind of Badges are there? - Some of the badges include blogger, YouTube, health nut, mom badge, green badge etc.
-What is a VoxBox? - If you earn a lot of badges and are an active member , you are able to qualify for a Voxbox. A VoxBox is a package that gets sent to your house with free proudcts (full sized)  for you to share with friends and review! Voxboxes don't get sent every month, it is every few months and always has a theme
-How do I get started? - You can sign up for influenster on their website: www.influenster.com . Influenster is not international however, they will begin to ship to Canada later this year!

*The are more details on their website if you have further questions!! 

I got an email in February saying that I would be receiving the Love VoxBox. Influenster does not tell you what you will be getting but give you little hints.

My 1st Voxbox:

-Venus & Olay Razor
-Truvia Sweetner
-Kiss Nail Dress Stickers
-Stash Herbal Tea Sampler
-Ghirardelli Chocolates


  1. I've read up on this before and seems like a great deal...wish it was avail internationally *sigh*

  2. I wish It was available in the uk! :L