Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Days of Halloween: Day 5- 2 "Franken" -Stein Manis (Holo Glitters)

Halloween Fact: The fear of the number 13 is still common today, and avoided in many different ways. Some buildings still do not have an official 13th floor and many people avoid driving or going anywhere on Friday the 13th. 

                     Bride Of "Franken"- Stein Vs. His Mistress 

*Alright so the reason for the title is because i made two frankens out of two different holo glitters & mixed w a pink polish that i have that did not come with a name. (One of the glitters is here: wet n wild holo glitter & the other glitter is Pure Ice in Spit Fire) 
*I did not know which one i like the best so im letting my followers decide (hence the tittle; key word- VS. ) 
* So some of you might think this doesnt fit into halloween so let me explain why i think it does: 
-1. They are "franken"s 
-2. They are somewhat pink, so thats why i thought of Frankenstein's Wife (im not even sure if he has one) 
-3. If someone out there decided to be a princess for halloween i think this would be a perfect mani 
Enjoy! :) 

                                             The Bride- Pink polish with wet n wild holo glitter 


                                            The Mistress: Pink polish with Pure Ice in Spit Fire  

                                                     The Bride- looks more silver than pink  

                                      The Mistress: Pink shows up more but has less holo glitter 

                                                        The Bride: Close Up (loving the holo!) 

                                                             The Bride Again: Close Up 

                                                   The Mistress: Close Up (loving the pink!) 

* So the question remains: Should Frankenstein pick his beautiful bride or the seductive mistress???  Please comment & let me know!

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