Monday, October 3, 2011

Antique Love

Nail Fact: Nails are very tough (compared to skin of course) but even they will be dissolved in about 4 days, if you put them in Coke because Coke is highly corrosive. 

For this week i wanted to try out a nail design that i saw on Chole's Nails (this mani is a bit far down on the link so just keep scrolling till u find it) . However i did not want to copy her's exactly and hers turned out way better then mine! Enjoy :) 

                                                          Sorry my cuticles are a bit messy 

-Base Coat: China Glaze in Strong Adhesion Bae Coat 
-Black: China Glaze in Liquid Leather 
-Kisses: BM 02, Silver: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Pure Chrome , White: Pure Ice in Super Star 
-Thumb: BM 09 with Black Polish 
-Top Coat: China Glaze in Fast Forward Top Coat