Friday, August 3, 2012

KKCenterHk Review: Nail Art Decoration

Hey everyone! I have another review for you all! So I love really girly and pink stuff so I chose these pink bows. I love how cute they are but I think they would look better on acrylic nails! Anyway, enjoy!

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*Link to Nail Art Decorations: Pink Bow

-Wet n Wild: Tickled Pink
-Stamp: M57
-Sally Hansen Chrome Pen: Pink Chrome
-Nail Bows
-Seche Vite

My thoughts:
-A bit pricey for 5 bows ($6.83)
-Perfect size for my nails
-However since they are a bit thick/bulky, I think they would look better on acrylics!
-Sticks well w/ nail glue

Overall, they were ok. I personally don't like bulky things on my nails so I'm not a big fan on these!


  1. aww i think these look really cute on you!! i know what you mean though, i don't think having bulky things on my nails would work on me either. i can't imagine all the things they would get caught on, lol.
    and WOW your stamping has really improved since you started blogging! i ordered a bundle monster set not too long ago but it got lost in the mail :( hopefully i get the replacement soon cause i can't wait to start stamping!

    1. aww thank you soo much! that means a lot! :) I hope you get them soon so you can start stamping!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so girly and cute! Although I would probably have trouble keeping the bows on. I'm quite clumsy. :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. They are extremely girly, and might be fun for one night out - but I hat bulky things on my nails too...

    1. haha yeah i usually end up taking them off after an hour or so!

  4. Wow that Sally Hansen stamps nicely.

  5. oh i think this manicure its tooooo cute! :) i agree the probably look even better with acrylics but they still look amazing in this mani. ^.^

  6. Those are huuuuuge, I don't think I could wear them. I'm a spaz, I would get caught on everything. They make me think of Hello Kitty though ^_^

  7. The bows are so cute. Love that they are big. Make the nail stand out a lot. Maybe I would wear it to go out or for the weekend.

  8. Oh my god this nail is very pretty.I love this nails.Thanks for sharing nice and beautiful post with us.