Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Wednesday-Swatch & Review

Hey everyone! For this pink Wednesday I wanted to do a quick swatch & review  of a polish (Revlon: Starry Pink) my boyfriend bought me while shopping for my giveaway!
*Before I forget, if you haven't entered my Valentine's Day Giveaway or Lydia's Valentines Day Giveaway make sure to do so!!!
-The color is a light pale pink with a bit of an lilac undertone with large silver hex glitters as well as small ones
-The formula is a bit sheer, so full opacity can be reached with 3 coats (As I did below)
- Layered on itself, it creates a gorgeous glitter sandwich!
-If you prefer not to use 3 coats, I suggest to use an opaque pale pink first then use this on top
-It is a pain in the *** to remove (even after using the foil method & the other way)
-Overall, I love this polish! Im a sucker for polishes that look great alone without stamping or stuff like that!

-Seche Retain
-Revlon: Starry Pink
-Sally Hansen: Anti- Chip Top Coat


  1. i have been wondering about this polish, is very pretty! i think i need this in my stash! :)

    1. yes! Its a must have, one of my favorites now!