Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 3 Top Coats/ Review

Hey everyone! :) So for today I will be reviewing my 3 favorite top coats. I couldn't pick just one, so ill be doing a little review on all of them! Hope this is helpful for you guys! Enjoy :)

Alright so the first one ill be reviewing is the ever so famous Seche Vite (I am reviewing in a random order):

-Price: Around $8-10 (I got mine at Wal-Mart)
-Drying Time: Out of the 3 top coats, this has the fastest drying time- about 30 seconds
-Smell: This one is not too harsh but it still has a strong scent
-Finish: Glossy & Glass like, it takes 2 coats to get it super shiny
-Wear: Chips after a day or two, doesn't peel too much & tends to cause shrinking
-My thoughts: I love that it dries so quickly and gives you nails a glass like effect. I also like that if you accidentally smudge you nail, one coat of this will fix it!
-Overall rating: 8.5

Next I have Sally Hansen Insta- Dri Anti- Chip Top Coat

-Price: Around $4 (Also, bought at Wal- Mart)
-Drying: Slowest drying time out of the 3- about 1 minute
-Smell: This one barely has a smell too it which is nice
-Finish: Provides shine but not too much (I like to apply 2 coats)
-Wear: Has the longest wear out of the 3 & does not peel
-My thoughts: For the price, this is a great top coat! Although is has a slightly longer drying time, it still dries fast & gives you mani a nice shine!
-Overall Rating: 9

And last but not least, China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

-Price: $5-7 (I bought this at Sally Beauty)
-Drying: Dries almost as fast as Seche Vite- 40 seconds
-Smell: This top coat has the worst smell , it has a very sweet overpowering & harsh scent
-Finish: This is the glossiest out of the 3 & gives a glassy effect (only 1 coat)
-Wear: Has the worst wear, chips in a day & peels on me after washing dishes or a shower
-My thoughts: I love how fast it dries & that it gives a super glossy finish to your nails! If you get headaches easily this won't work for you because of the smell.
-Overall rating: 8.5

Mini "Placement" Test
*So now, are you still having trouble figuring out which top coat would be best for you?? Then choose the best answer below to find out which one is the BEST for YOU! 

A. You want to wear you manicure out for a few days without it chipping or peeling. Shine is not so important  & you want a good cheap top coat

B. You want to wear your manicure for a couple days & want a glassy effect. Price is not an issue

C. You want to wear your manicure for only one day & you want super glossy & shiny nails. Price is in between


-If you chose A, the best top coat for you would be Sally Hansen Insta Dri Anti- Chip Top Coat

-If you chose B, the best top coat for you would be Seche Vite

-If you chose C, the best coat for you would be China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

*I hoped this helped some of you, these are only my opinions and results may vary!


  1. How are the Sally Hansen and the China Glaze with smudging nail art? I love my SV, but it shrinks some of my polishes and drives me crazy. I've been on the search for something new. Thanks.

    1. For nail art i would recommend the China Glaze top coat, it doesn't smudge or shrink!! :)

    2. I hate that SV does that. Although if you're having shrinkage at the tips wrapping your tips stops the SV from shrinking it.

    3. I do wrap my tips, and it does not always help. Zoya is the big culprit. Sometimes it not only shrinks, but the polish will actually split right at the free edge and leave the polish I wrapped around the tip in the back, and still shrink back some on the top of the nail. Very weird.

  2. Love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. I bought a couple bottles of Nails Inc Kensington topcoat caviar and it's blah.