Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Battle of the Base Coats!

Hello everyone! So for today I have a battle of the base coats to share! It's between Seche Retain & CG Strong Adhesion Base Coat. Enjoy! :)

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First I have China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat:

-Price: about $6 (@ Sally Beauty)
-Color: Clear & gives my nails a nice shine
-Wear: Decent
-Drying: Dries very quickly- 20 seconds
-My thoughts: I used to love this base coat but I wanted to try something new! If you want to go with natural nail, I would suggest this base coat!

Now onto Seche Retain:

-Price: about $8 (@ Sally Beauty)
-Color: a slight and sheer nude color but does not provide a lot of shine
-Wear: Great, keeps my mani on longer than the CG base coat
-Drying: around 35 seconds
-My thoughts: It does what its supposed to do, maintain strong and durable nails. If you are planning on doing a full mani, then I would use this one!

So who wins this battle??? ...................................Seche Retain.....................

Why? I chose Seche Retain because it keeps my mani on longer & aside from being a base coat it also helps keep my nail healthy and somewhat strong!

However, if you don't do your nails as much as I do, & if you just want to do a natural mani then I would suggest using China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat because it give a beautiful shine!