Saturday, April 21, 2012

L.A Colors Scented Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago, I was at Deals and I spotted these scented nail polish remover pads! I decided to give them a try and I've bought 2 more since! I purchased two that are melon scented an one that is peach. Enjoy!

Here we go:

-Price: $1 (@ Deals, I could not find them at Dollar General or Dollar Tree). They are also available online here or on amazon here
-The package comes with 32 thin pads
-The scent on these are incredible! They are acetone free and have no harsh scents.
-Works great, one pad removes the polish on all 10 fingers! Even removes GLITTER (check out my demo video below)
-To me, the pads actually moisturize my cuticles. They release a bit of a greasy oil when removing the polish.
-The package says to wash hands after, good tip because of the oil residue left on your nails/cuticles.
-They are great to wrap around an orange stick/dotting tool and remove the polish around the cuticles!
-I definitely recommend these for easy, on the go nail polish remover or if you don't like the harsh scents of regular nail polish removers!
- Scents available: lemon, strawberry, grape, peach, melon, and pear!

Demo Video: (excuse my sister talking)


  1. Thanks for the review! I will have to try these!

  2. Thanks for the review! I always see this, and I want to get them but for some reason I leave them.

    1. Ur welcome! Pick them up next time :) they're great!!