Friday, January 13, 2012

Dupe To Julep Leah!

Hey everyone! The other day I was on The TraceFace Philes and realized I have an exact dupe to Julep nail polish in Leah! Icing in Teal For Real is a super close dupe and is now my favorite nail polish I own! Its a greenish teal with a slight shimmer and it dries matte but I did apply a topcoat!
*Click here to see pics of Julep in Leah:
*Price Comparison: Julep: Leah retails for $14.00 whereas Icing: Teal For Real is $4.50 (Thats a great save!)
*Please note that my camera sucks and it does not capture the "real color" of my polish (it appears more neon on my pictures), but believe me in person it look like the pictures from the link above. 
*Id also like to add that this color looks completely different in different lights

-China Glaze: Strong Adhesion Base Coat
-Icing: Teal For Real
-Stamp Color: Pure Ice :Super Star
-Sally Hansen: Anti-Chip Top Coat


  1. this is really pretty Esme! :) hope you are having a great wknd!

  2. thanks Lydia! :) Hope you wknd is going great as well!