Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Post- Gold Speck Nails

Hello everyone! So today Jenni from Gold Speck Nails and I decided to do guest post today! I love her nails & she is super sweet! Make sure to check out her blog!


Hey everyone! Esme and I have agreed to do guest posts today. This is my first guest post so I'm not really sure what to say so I'll just get on with the nails!

I did these just before I cut my nails on Friday, so my nails are quite lengthy. I used tape to get the crispness. The studs were perfectly centered, and I was so proud! But when I slept they moved a little! These were inspired by this mani by The Illustrated Nail. But I changed them up a little :]

Base Coat: Nail RX - Stuck On You
Base Colour: Models Own - Utopia
V Colour: Models Own - Purple Blue
Silver Pyramid Studs
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat

Thats all from me! Dont forget to go to my blog to see what Esme came up with! :]


  1. This is so nice! I love the idea. turned out really cute.

  2. First of all-HOLY CRAP Jenni these are amazing!!!!! I am dying here!!! Second I just found this blog thru her bog so I followed you!

  3. This mani looks very cool Jenni!! It looks amazing on longer nails because the triangles really elongate the nail beds!